1.Where to Begin. Do you have a complaint or concern?

If you are comfortable, please talk about your concern, frustrations or dissatisfaction to the person who the provides service to you or the person you are advocating for. This may be a program supervisor, staff member, a home share provider or anyone else at Younghusband.

2. The next step (If the first step does not work)

If you do not feel comfortable talking to this person, or your complaint was not handled to your satisfaction or if your complaint is of a serious or urgent nature you can:

  • Please visit our admin office
  • Phone or email your concern to our administrative office.
  • You can also send a confidential message to YRL leadership using the form on this webpage.

We will be in touch with you within 10 working days (Or less) to listen to you and gather as much information as possible to investigate your complaint

Step 3 - How we will help you

When we get your complaint, we might ask for help from another group called Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) to solve it. We will check what happened by looking at your concerns, talking to people, and maybe asking you some more questions. What we do next depends on what happened. We might say sorry or change how we do things. We will always tell you what we did to fix the problem. You will always get a response from us.

When we receive your complaint, the executive management in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer may request the involvement of Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) in the resolution of the complaint.

 During our investigation we may, review files and paperwork, Interview people that are involved, give you a call to gather more information, Invite you to discuss the details in person

 The outcome of the complaint may vary depending on the nature of the issue. Some examples of responses from us may be: an apology, a change to practice, a review at the organizational level.All complaints will receive a response

Step 4 - If you still have a concern

If you still do not have resolution for your complaint, concern or dissatisfaction, you CAN take your complaint outside of Younghusband Resources to:


Community Living BC (CLBC)

Director of Quality Assurance


[email protected]


Office of the Ombudsman

Second Floor, 756 Fort Street

Victoria, BC


We promise that you won't get in trouble for telling us about your problem.

We promise that you won’t get in trouble for telling us about your problem. We won’t punish you or be mean to you because you told us something is wrong.

Please use this form to report a concern or request a meeting to have a discussion about one.

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